About Us

Scalp Genesis Micropigmentation Clinic offers outstanding treatments for male
pattern baldness, using specialist state of the art equipment. All consultations
and treatments are carried out by a fully qualified and insured therapist in a
modern salon, licensed by the local authority. Procedures are carried out with
meticulous attention to fine detail and aftercare is available.
Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure in which fine dots of
pigment, coordinated to your skin tone and hair colour, are placed directly into
your scalp, using the latest technology. This results in the appearance of a full
head of hair that has been cut or shaved close to the scalp. Treatments can
also disguise areas where the scalp shows through thinning hair.
Our location – Poynton, Cheshire – is convenient for travel from Manchester,
the Stockport area, East Cheshire and Derbyshire.

  • Fully qualified, insured and local authority licensed therapist.
  • County Council approved premises.
  • Certification of qualifications, competency to practise and appropriate
    licensing on display.
  • All Gallery photos on our website depict our own work.
  • Discreet service – our clinic is situated within a British Barbers Association
    accredited salon – it will seem to others that you have simply come for a