The goal of scalp micropigmentation

By using the method, our client will not achieve thicker and fuller hair from the redundant pigments. It will not as if by magic start to grow. However, by having scalp micropigmentation done you will have the appearance of having a shaved close cut, with this illusion created that you always have the look of […]

Before and After the procedure

Preparing for your first application: (A) Shaved scalp appearance: It is advised to shave the scalp a day before any work is to commence on the area of skin, so that the regrowth of your hair throughout the treatment does not grow more than 1mm. By doing this, it will make it more comfortable for […]

An alternative to hair transplant

People who struggle with the problem of hair loss know very well what a hair transplant is. There are two types of hair transplantation – the strip method – hair removal by cutting a strip at the back of the head, and the FUE method – collecting individual hair follicles from the back of the […]

7 benefits of scalp micropigmentation

1. Fast effects – the effect is obvious after the initial treatment. After a sequence of 3 treatments, we can enjoy our appearance of short, cut hair. The day after the procedure, you can go out in public. 2. Competitive price – SMP treatment is cheaper than expensive transplants, wigs or hair pieces. 3. Definitive […]