Scalp Micropigmentation

How to shave your head after scalp micropigmentation?

It all depends on what length of hair is appropriate in a specific case. After micropigmentation, in the case of a bald head, we must make sure that the hair is as short as possible. On the other hand, a person who has performed the scalp micropigmentation a procedure in order to thicken the hair […]

Differences between the head hair tattoo and the art tattoo on the body

Quite the opposite to appearances, alopecia affects appreciably young men. It is a very troublesome problem for some of them, it can be humiliating, it causes them to lose their self-confidence and it can even cause depression. However, in a supplement to widely available hair growth agents, hair transplants or hairstyles disguising baldness, micropigmentation of […]

Price equals quality. Why decent micropigmentation is more expensive?

Most people’s natural desire is to save money. Many companies use this feature by declaring promotions for their products and services. Price contest aims to attract as many customers as possible who are eager to opt for a cheaper purchase option. Even if it means sacrificing quality. Always demand to see the SMP performed on […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Scalp Micropigmentation. How Much Does the Treatment Cost? There’s no single answer to this question because we treat all of our patients as individuals. Therefore, the price of the treatment will depend on your situation, which includes the stage of your hair loss and the style you’re looking to […]

SMP For Burns & Scalds

If you have been involved in an accident, there is often a significant level of trauma felt, this trauma can be greatly increased should scarring, and hair loss arising as a result of the accident. It can be damaging on many levels, but the psychological trauma is often equal to that of the accident. While […]