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hair tattoo

Have you or a loved one suffered hair loss due to ageing, a medical condition, or the result of a physical accident? If so, a hair tattoo could be the answer to your problems.

Hair loss can bring a lot of negativity into your life, impacting your appearance as well as the way you are viewed by others and the way you feel about yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with hair loss, we appreciate that not everyone can accept the changes that it brings. If you all into that category, the prospect of a hair tattoo should not be ignored.

What Is A Hair Tattoo?

Medically known as Scalp Micropigmentation, hair tattoos are a non-surgical treatment used to restore the natural look of your hair by filling in the gaps left by your hair loss. Depending on the location and severity of hair loss, this can restore the natural aesthetic by replicating the look of a closely shaven head or (in the case of thinning) establishing a fuller aesthetic.

They can be used to treat hair loss caused by a skin disorder, alopecia, scarring, pattern baldness, and thinning hair. When completed successfully, they can provide life-changing improvements for both male and female hair loss sufferers.

Why Choose A Hair Tattoo?

The first question that any prospective client will want to know is simply: why choose a hair tattoo over other treatment types?

Firstly, hair tattoo treatments offer a permanent solution that requires no maintenance. Hair loss can be camouflaged completely and effectively while avoiding the potential risks of surgery and transplants or the high maintenance needs of temporary concealers and hair systems.

There are many other rewarding features to be gained from hair tattoos, including but not limited to;

  • Affordability: Aside from affordable treatments that can be completed in very few sessions, you can bypass the need to keep investing in small accessories and products for the upkeep.
  • Suitability: Hair tattoos are a very popular solution, and it can largely be attributed to the fact it suits virtually every patient regardless of hair loss type or severity.
  • Success rates: Unlike hair transplants that can fail, the success rates of hair tattoos are 100%. As with a tattoo on any part of the body, the results are clear, immediate, and permanent.
  • Natural lifestyle: The hair tattoo doesn’t change the way your head or hair feels. As such, you can continue with your daily life as normal without paying a second’s thought.
  • Appearance: The natural look gained from the treatment, whether it’s the close shave or the fuller hairline approach, is a truly incredible thing that can transform your world forever.

Ultimately, then, the hair tattoo pathway may be the best option for your look, feeling, finances, and sanity. The fact that you gain quick results without the need for the recovery time is merely a bonus.

How Are Hair Tattoos Completed?

No two people suffer from the exact same type and severity of hair loss, which is why a consultation is required to analyse the situation and discuss the expectations and possibilities. This is also a chance to see where you fall on the Norwood Scale (men) or Savin Scale (women). 

The actual treatment itself it completed by applying natural pigments (through the use of microneedles) to the epidermal level of the skin. This replicates the natural look of the hair if it were cut to a very short length, such as a close shave. Our technicians study your head to see which way the natural hairs grow before applying the pigments to mimic this. By following this method, it is possible to achieve incredibly realistic results.

Hair tattoo sessions are normally completed over three sessions, each of which lasts 3-4 hours. This gradual approach allows building an aesthetic that matches the natural look of hair density. The procedure provides a small amount of pain, but nothing too major. Meanwhile, there are no major recovery or rehabilitation times involved, enabling you to enjoy the results.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Hair Tattoo Treatments?

Hair loss can affect anybody at any age for a host of reasons. Scalp Genesis has supported men, women, and even children with their aesthetic restoration requirements. The treatments can reverse the visual damage and scars caused by;

  • Unsuccessful hair transplants and insufficient donor hair
  • Physical scars caused by physical trauma and surgery scars
  • Trichotillomania
  • And the various issues mentioned above.

When the damage is localised to a small area of the head, small touchups can be completed for a stunning outcome. Conversely, when you have severe hair loss due to extreme thinning or a serious condition or injury, the hair tattoo can provide the level of coverage you desire and deserve.

Not everybody that has suffered hair loss will require a hair tattoo or any other treatment. However, the following symptoms all suggest that you could benefit from the procedure;

  • You feel self-conscious about going out in public and people looking,
  • You feel less attractive due to your hair loss,
  • You believe that the scar has affected your career opportunities,
  • You get upset when reliving experiences due to those visual reminders,
  • You want an even look over your full head.

When any of the above issues surface, a hair tattoo is a revolutionary solution offering better outcomes than the alternatives.

What Happens If I Suffer Further Hair Loss?

While the scalp micropigmentation treatment provides a permanent restoration to the affected area, it’s always possible that you will suffer further hair loss – especially if your original hair loss is due to ageing or a health condition.

It will require extra treatments, but you can book yourself in for further hair tattoos to restore the aesthetic damage caused by further hair loss. The additional treatments will continue to provide the natural look and permanent results you deserve. Perfect. 

Sound Good?

If you or a loved one has suffered from hair loss, the hair tattoo treatment is likely to be the best solution at your disposal. With a professional technician that will provide the care and attention to build a natural restoration by your side, success is assured.

To find out more and book your consultation today, give Scalp Genesis a call.

Hair Tattoo