Alopecia SMP 

Alopecia is the term used to describe the loss of hair on parts of the head and body. This is where the hair should grow normally. Alopecia can affect men and women, young and older individuals. Being based on the specific type of alopecia a client has, it can then be caused or triggered by a number of factors.
Unfortunately, like for many individuals, alopecia descends suddenly with no previous signs or any warning. For many types have no cure. Affecting millions of people around the world, alopecia is a very common condition indeed, but one that many people are unsure how to deal with or tackle ‘head on’ so to speak. 


Depending on a client’s individual alopecia is partial or complete? For many men and women who suffer from hair loss can experience excruciating anxiety, depression and a loss of self-esteem related to their conditions. As a result, many with alopecia will seek out different options for masking or minimizing their hair loss. It is of absolute importance that our valued clients, get the very best treatment at Scalp Genesis! We have found that many clients have rated our alopecia treatments. As a result, they’ve passed on their recommendations to others. From the visual results really help other see what they’re missing. We are only a click, swipe, call away from getting you to being that one further step to feeling your best.