Female hair density

Hair loss is still in the 21st century a big issue, especially amongst women. A lady may have found herself struggling with hair loss? Hair thinning? There are many reasons and causes. To name a few, certain medicines, chemotherapy, ageing.

Speaking from personal experience, the first thing a lady does upon noticing hair changes is to inform her hairdresser? Unfortunately, no amount of caffeine shampoo will grow hair back. This where SMP could be the answer to your prayers!
SMP doesn’t care what age you are, creed, colour or your name. To put it in technical terminology – Everyone Is Welcome!

Scalp Micropigmentation will give a unique, flawless looking and long term resolution to the problematic area in question. Our experienced team only apply natural pigment sector application. When directly administered to the scalp it will inaugurate an appearance of a pristine, superlative hair follicles.
For the ladies to whom that maybe encountering bald patches or persistent hair thinning? As a company which deals in these matters. We can proudly say, this would be quintessential to one of life’s problems