Male Baldness SMP

Have you ever wondered ( I know You have ) why is it that men who have a decent head of hair don’t care? And, men who have so little do? I have pondered and came to the conclusion.

It’s probably because they’re not the ones that are experiencing MPB? It is for 96% of males that suffer from any sign of hair loss to thinning that are often going out of their minds looking for answers? Let me start by putting your quest for answers to rest and say, your quest for answers is right here.

There are many ways a gentleman can lose their hair. To name a few, medicines – steroids could cause hair loss? Cancer treatments have direct effects on men’s follicles.
Isn’t it time you take back control of that nagging insecurity?

Scalp Genesis Micropigmentation Clinic offers truly outstanding, promising and indeed competitive treatment options for male pattern baldness.

Scalp micropigmentation is a state of the art cosmetic procedure. Fine dots of pigment are added directly into your scalp. Many think this is the same as tattooing? Incorrect, the procedure is extremely complex and only an elite is a master at this art. The dots are specially coordinated to a skin tone and specific hair colour. Upon then, they are carefully placed directly into your scalp using the dedicated technology. This results in the appearance of a full head of hair that has been cut or shaved close to the scalp.