Scar SMP

Scalp micropigmentation that is used in any scar treatments can vary. Rarely can we applicate scalp micropigmentation to just the scar by itself. What we prefer is the need to apply it to the areas surrounding the scar.Ultimately this will help it to blend in naturally, with the natural hair growth and hair patterning.


Many clients we have dealt with have had expensive hair transplant surgery. With that procedure in mind, comes great scaring. A lot of clients weren’t aware of hair transplanting scaring.

Many asked the same question, “Please, please tell me you can help me with this?” All clients left our clinic afterwards happy with their results. The scaring was professionally camouflaged using state of the art procedures. This gives us as a company enormous sense of customer satisfaction.

As a company we will strive to administer full scalp coverage in order to enhance the appearance of existing hair and create a more harmonious appearance. Our goal is for to look great and feel confident in your final look.